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SHOWREEL Enquiries

Are you looking to get into professional ice skating shows?

Let us help you get started by working together to capture your skill with a beautifully crafted showreel!

This service is brought to you by The Ice Capture in collaboration with James Hunt. James is the Assistant Head Coach at Cambridge Ice Arena and performed in lead roles for Disney On Ice for several years. Prior to this James had an impressive competitive career in Pairs skating.

With our unique combination of show/pairs skating knowledge, cinematic expertise and active consultation with the team at Disney On Ice, we can help you stand out in your show skating applications with our bespoke showreel packages.


Submit a request for showreel filming/editing & optional extras

Please note: for professional shows, it is the skater's responsibility to verify that they meet casting requirements for the shows they apply for. (e.g. minimum age, etc.)

Whic extra services do you require?

Thanks for submitting!

Disclaimer: this service is intended purely to provide you with a high-quality showreel of your skating abilities for use in your applications to various ice shows. This service does not guarantee you to be hired in any show and all casting decisions are at the casting teams' discretion.

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